Saturday, April 6, 2013

What Happened?

To answer the query of the title...Well, life happened and since it seemed mundane I didn't feel the need to blog about it.  Perhaps it was the unwritten rule that if you talk about something, and how much you enjoy it, it might get taken away or buggered up. LOL  So, putting that little cliche aside, I will say that life is good, my health is good for an 'older' woman.  Little aches and pains, and the newest present from the universe...Tinnitus!  It's mildly annoying, like a little ziiinnnngggg in my head at all times.  At first I was "Gaaaah!!! get owwwt of my headddd!"  Then, I got hold of myself and decided to do what could be done to deal/cope with it.  First, clean out the ears safely....NO DIGGING with objects smaller than my elbow! So, warm mineral oil, and warm water  to sluice them out.  Got one little piece of  "gold" and no difference in the noise factor.  Next, appointment with GP.  Told that I may have to live with it (??? o/O)  Then went to the acupuncturist that, in my opinion, got rid of the asthma I was told I had for several years and that  has not reared it's gasping head for 6 years.  He determined that my kidney and liver function was low and after several treatments, I feel better and the auditory level of the zing has decreased.  I have an appointment at the ENT specialist next week, just to cover all the bases. Like, my brain is not growing a twin or something!  Oh, also  'Dr. Needles' suggested that I take up Tai Chi again.  I enjoyed the challenge of learning some moves a few years ago and so, I will take it on again.  The Seniors Centre is close by and the fee is low, so no excuse not to do it.  Now that Spring is creeping slowly into view, I need to get out at least once a week into the fresh air, if only to walk to the car and drive  to the centre. LOL.  Well, now that I have bored y'all with my blogging I will sign off and say adieu, farewell, arrivederchi, gutentag, zai jian, adios amigos. <3 font="" xo="">

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm back....again!  I couldn't access this blog for a while because I couldn't remember the darn password.  Finally remembered, after many tries and here I am.
The weather here has been excellent.  Got a lot of plants in last weekend.  My friend Sher and I dug and planted and pretty much played in the dirt.  The deck and front yard look soooo pretty.  I should take pics and share them.
On to why I put up a pic of Ros knitting.  Zellers is closing some of their stores and I couldn't resist checking out their yarn bins.  Scored some yarn that I can knit or crochet into lots of hats, scarves, mitts for the kiddos and if they get lost it won't be a big deal.
So the yarn stash is getting bigger and that is okay, as it's non edible and that means I won't be getting bigger!  With summer around the corner,  I can't hide any extra weight under my coat.  So, my friends that's all for today.  Take good care of yourselves, have a laugh or two and keep hydrated in this warm weather.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello.  Stating the obvious, I haven't posted here for a loooong time.  I come here occasionally and think, "I should post something here." Then I don't and now I'm wondering why that happens.  Could be that I have lots going on in my life; maybe I can't think of anything "interesting" to write about;  maybe....I'm a little lazy?
I really am happy with the way my life is going.  Family and friends are the best one could ask or hope for.  I guess did something right in the past to feel so blessed now.  When I consider my life as it has progressed, I feel privileged to have had so many blessings.
I have been more open in the past few years to the spiritual side of life.  I have lots of time now to read and  reflect on the spiritual. "There is more to life than you and I can know"....I think that's how the quote goes....what I mean is that there are things we can't account for in the "see it and then believe it" way of living.  So, I look for small miracles and unexplainable, happy syncronicities.
When one is young and striving to succeed at whatever the vision of 'success in life' is, the material side of life seems so important.  Of course, providing for the children you have is very important and the material things, like food, shelter, and clothing, depend on the 'material'.  Now that the kids are grown and seem to be okay with how we brought them up, I can look back and think how great it all was....still is!
Well, this turned into a longer rambling than I thought it would.  So, my dear readers, have a blessed day, a happy life and give yourself a pat on the back for reading this far!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Here I Am!

Hello out there.  I am alive and well, and living a good life.  Many changes and re-arranges, but the ol' gal is still kickin' it!
I put up my house for sale, sold it in 24 hours and then got busy packing up my worldly goods.  Ya know, how it is, you "believe" that you haven't got that much stuff....well, let me tell you......I had  enough stuff, to give those on "Hoarders" a run for their money.
I moved in with friends in their new house on July 11th and it went very smoothly.  My dear friends and I are getting along so well, that I keep thinking I should pinch myself to see if it's a dream. Even though I got shed of many possessions, I'm discovering more that I don't need.  My friends got rid of a great deal of extra items before the move and even so, have more to give away.  My family is happy for me and have visited my new 'digs'.  The consensus is that I'm in a great place.
I've also found time to go to Georgian Bay and stay at my youngest daughter and husband's cottage.  Great week, good times!  Found time to walk on the beach and logged in 5K at least! 
Well, hope I haven't bored my readers too much.  I will try to be more interesting in future
blog posts! Bye for now, Mar.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

I haven't been blogging for a looong time.  So many reasons, excuses (?), busy with the changes I've decided to make in my life.  It's still in process, so when I have it all done, then I will post some more.  So, not much of interest for my blog friends, but I did not want y'all to think I had abandoned my blog, or gone on to my just rewards, LOL
I hope that it's more Spring-like in your part of the world.  I can see hints of colour in my gardens, and the lawn is greening up nicely.The Lupins in the picture are growing in New Brunswick, Canada.  Aren't they giving you a smile?  They gave me one.   

Saturday, January 1, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR *\*| *| */*

HAPPY 2011 TO ALL!  May this year be the one to bring you peace, health and happiness.
Here is a little gem  of mine........
The years they come, the years they go, but this, for sure, is what I know
Life goes on, good times or bad,
Choose to be happy, dump the sad.

The Knitted Christmas Tree